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Big Mouth™ Cold Air Induction

The standard system is at least 3 times smaller with restrictive access to the airbox.

SS Inductions’ Big Mouth™ system channels air from the front of the moving car - from under the bonnet and also from the front grill area by utilising the unique SS Inductions’ aluminium air scoop which attaches to the air-conditioning condenser. This extra airflow is then rammed through the twin openings in the induction unit directly to the larger intake connected to the standard airbox, ensuring maximum delivery of cold air to the motor. The opening in the lower airbox must be enlarged as part of the fitting process.

Expect up to 8kW increase at the rear wheels, smoother performance, more responsive throttle and a considerable fuel saving.

The four-part kit consists of plastic panel, plastic double opening induction unit, plastic connecting intake and the unique SS Inductions’ aluminium air scoop. On Request

Part # CAI001

Big Mouth™ High Performance Filter

M anufactured by Kingdragon®, Italy. These long-life washable filters have superior airflow and maximum filtration. On Request

Part # PAF002

High Performance Ignition Leads 

9mm Spiral Wire gives lower resistance than standard leads hence a stronger spark for better performance and economy. On Request

Part # HPL003

Gauge Holder

This great looking plastic gauge holder is designed to hold two standard sized gauges (2 1/16” and 2 5/8”) and is mounted on the top of the centre dash, pointing toward the driver. It is available in black or gunmetal grey, with a smooth finish. On Request

Part # DGH004 (gunmetal grey) Part # DGH005 (matte black)

VY-VZ SS Ute Rear Infill Panel

The plastic infill panel for the VY Ute sits between the rear bumperettes for a one-piece streamlined appearance and to centre the rear number plate. Allows easy access to the spare wheel compartment. The panel is supplied in undercoat for a perfect colour match from your local painter. On Request

Part # VUP002

Air Deflector Fins 

These Air Deflector Fins adhere to the top of the rear window (sedan only) to give a great sporty look and reduce drag & turbulence at the rear of the vehicle. As a vehicle moves forward the air flowing over the roof becomes separated and turbulent, creating drag. The Air Deflector Fins create a series of vortices smoothing out the airflow and causing it to stick to the back of the vehicle, reducing the total drag. The rear window is left cleaner and drier in wet conditions as there is no longer a vacuum pulling in dirt and water, meaning you have better visibility and clearer rear vision! Manufactured from high grade black ABS plastic in a smooth or textured finish, these Air Deflector Fins may be painted to match your vehicle or left as is. On Request

Part # ADF003 (smooth) Part # ADF004 (textured)

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Sydney, Western Sydney, Windsor, Penrith, Blacktown, Upgrades, Modifications, Enhancements, Ford, Holden, Nissan, Toyota